1. Why would people use Tiger personal lubricants?


Tiger lubricants are specially formulated to enhance personal pleasure and sexual comfort. Tiger lubricant products are designed to help reduce friction during sexual encounters whether using solo or with or without condoms. When using condoms, proper lubrication helps prolong the integrity of the condom as well as increase overall stimulation. Tiger lubricant helps you enjoy safer and more pleasurable sexual experiences.


2. What makes Tiger lubricant a great choice over other lubricant brands?


All Tiger lubricants are manufactured in compliance with FDA guidelines for cleanliness and safety. The premium ingredients that are used in every Tiger products ensure a long lasting, friction-free intimate experience.


3. Who needs Tiger lubricants?


The short answer is: everyone! Tiger lubricant products are not defined by an age bracket, specific gender, or sexual preference.


4. Can Tiger lubricant help manage vaginal dryness? 


Vaginal dryness or decreased lubrication is a common condition that may be caused by many factors.  It is normal for women’s natural vaginal moisture to vary from time to time including during her menstrual cycle. Also, lack of or reduced lubrication is not a reflection of not being “turned on” by a partner either as there are many factors that are in play when needing a personal lubricant.


5. I am a younger female and I don’t feel I have any issues with vaginal dryness, why would I need Tiger lubricant products? 


Tiger lubricants are not solely intended to aid with personal dryness issues. Tiger lubricant can be used to increase the overall pleasure of any intimate experience. Many women believe the friction associated with intercourse is normal and this simply is not the case. It means that her natural lubrication is not enough for her sexual encounter and this is where Tiger personal lubricants can be used. Also, a small application of Tiger in the tip of a condom will increase sensation for men and, because of interior and exterior friction, can significantly decrease the chance of the condom bursting at the tip which is where the majority of condom failures occur. Application of Tiger lubricant to the outside of the condom will help reduce friction and possible irritation during sexual intercourse, thus helping to maximize the enjoyment and pleasure one may experience.


6. Are there any animal based products found in any of the Tiger brand products? 


Tiger lubricants are all free from animal based ingredients.


7. Can Tiger lubricant products be used with condoms?


All of our products are safe to use with latex products including latex gloves and dams.


8. Are Tiger lubricants adult toy safe? 


All Tiger lubricant formulas can be used with any toy that is used internally or externally. Tiger lubricant formulas are safe for skin-like textured toys, glass, hard or soft plastic and all rubber toys.


9. Are Tiger lubricants safe to use if I am trying to conceive?


Tiger lubricant products are not spermicides nor do they contain any spermicidal ingredients. As with most topical lubricants, use will inhibit the mobility or movement of sperm. Our recommendation is to limit use to the outer area of the vagina during attempted conception and it is always advised to consult your doctor to determine their recommendation as well.


10. Can I use Tiger lubricant in conjunction with spermicidal lubricants?


Tiger lubricant do not contain any spermicides and in general, we do not recommend the use of any Tiger lubricant product in conjunction with a spermicidal lubricant.


11. Will using any of the Tiger lubricant products cause a yeast infection?


No. Glycerin, a major ingredient in several of our lubricants. Glycerin, sometimes referred to as glycerine or glycerol, is a tribydric alcohol. The terms glycerin, glycerine and glycerol are often used interchangeably as ingredients and is non-toxic and non-irritating in its varied uses.


12. What if I accidentally swallow Tiger lubricants?


All Tiger lubricant products are non-toxic and not harmful if ingested.


13. Do Tiger lubricant stain fabrics?


Tiger lubricant water-based lubricants do not contain any dyes or artificial color that would stain fabrics. If in doubt, test a drop or two of the lubricant in an inconspicuous spot and launder it to see if it leaves a stain


14. Do you sponsor events?


Yes, we are always looking for new ways to support our community. Please note that when Tiger lubricants is an event sponsor, it typically is through product donation and/or promotional materials, not through financial donation. If there is an upcoming event you are planning and would like to submit details to us for sponsorship consideration please go to the contact us page to submit your information.


15. Do you offer private label manufacturing?


Yes, we do offer to private label our formula.  We do have a minimum requirement for each design that is submitted.   For more information go to our contact us page and submit your information.



Parabens are used as a preservative in lubricants and are naturally produced by vegetables and fruits. Without preservatives, lubricants would become overloaded with bacteria, mold, and fungus, making them harmful to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. We use methylparaben as our preservative.  Research by the The FDAThe American Cancer Society and The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety: Final Opinion on Parabens have shown the safety and effectiveness of parabens.